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To find success for your business, you need people to see your products and/or services. If you’re not mastering every platform, with ads optimized for each one’s specific formats and core audiences, you’re missing out on the chance to reach a much bigger share of the market.

Snapchat marketing can raise engagement with audiences you’ve not been reaching before, particularly if your core product targets millennials. In fact, according to a recent report by eMarketer, by 2019 it’s forecasted that Snapchat will overtake Facebook in the number of regular users aged 18-24 in the UK. There’s a huge opportunity with Snapchat currently, and the sooner you take advantage and establish your business on the platform, the better results you’ll see.


Site Visits for Storthes Hall


Swipe-Ups for DIGS

>1 M

Impressions for Skinsmiths

We’ve set up or helped to optimize business Snapchat accounts for some exciting young clients, as well as helping more established brands adapt to this new platform and learn how to advertise with Snapchat.
  Snapchat marketing campaigns are increasingly important for brands looking to increase their reach, website visits and conversions, but it’s also the least understood social media platform. That’s probably because it’s one of the newest, and the attractions are harder to see: how can you build a presence for your brand on a platform where everything is temporary? Snapchat marketing ideas are easier to come by now: the company has been transformed over the last few years and one of the side effects is that it’s become a far more viable platform to serve adverts to engaged audiences in formats that catch their eye and engage their brain.
There’s now a huge (and growing user) base and an infrastructure that makes targeting and serving ads not just a possibility, but easy.

Snap stats

188 M

Daily Active Users


Increase in over 35s using Snapchat – 2015-16

30 min

Average time spent on Snapchat per day

Getting good at Snapchat pays dividends. If you’re trying to learn Snapchat for small business marketing or get an established brand access to this international audience, you need a Snapchat marketing agency. Contact Illuminate today.

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