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Find your customers and serve ads directly to where they use the web most

Social media accounts for 25% of all web use – this is where your customers live online. Social media platforms are also set up to allow for very precise targeting: with our insight you can ensure only the people most likely to buy are served your ads, supercharging your sales and giving you an enviable ROI.

It’s not just direct sales that social media can get you: the right ads can generate leads, get you more followers or push customers to your store. If you’re running a pop up or a stall at an event, the right Paid Social campaign can make sure you have customers ready and waiting.

Illuminate has the data expertise to finely target your campaigns so you’re not paying to serve ads to people who’ll never click. We’ve got deep experience with the retail sector and know how to bring build your brand and get you the sales you need.

Don’t just take our word for it



Illuminate insights

  • Get your visuals right: visual content generates more shares and clicks. Creative is key
  • Include a strong call to action: entice your potential customers with strong messaging and a clear CTA
  • A/B test your copy: social platforms let you launch highly targeted, small scale ads. See which version performs best and optimise this campaign!
  • Target effectively: drill down to your core audience by demographics, affinities and lookalikes
  • Analysis: Illuminate is transparent on spending and results so you know how your campaigns are performing and can tweak them in real time if they need it




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