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Optimise your Instagram strategy to reach the people that matter and drive sales

Instagram is a growing social network – there are 1 billion accounts active on Instagram every month sharing images, commenting and seeing ads. More than half the users are between 18-34 – aspirational and with growing spending power, making them a tempting target for your marketing. Harnessing the power of this market can grow your revenue and your brand recognition.

Instagram is great for driving engagement, letting your customers interact directly with your brand, but at Illuminate we focus on the bottom line. We aim for return on investment, so you can quantify the impact your Instagram strategy has on your bottom line.

Illuminate insights:

  • Get visual: Instagram is a visual platform and your images are key to the success of your campaigns
  • Use data: at Illuminate we use external data partners to inform our targeting. Identifying and tightly defining the groups that will click, register, or buy gets you the ROI you’re looking for
  • Understand formats: static images, carousels, videos and stories all have their advantages. We can recommend what’s right for your campaign
  • Integrate your feed: enhance your ads by pulling from your website direct to Instagram to create adaptable, always up-to-date adverts


Contact us today to find out how we can make Instagram work for you.

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