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There are many benefits to using REACT JavaScript for your applications, like providing flexibility in user flow as well as dynamic intelligent design. Unfortunately, REACT can have serious implications to the SEO value of your site. With search engines being one of the largest sources for site traffic, if they can't read you, you're going to have problems getting ranked.

REACT SEO issues - how to solve them

Our team of SEO experts are skilled in indexing websites and applications to search engines without the need of an extensive site restructure. We work closely with you and your developers to deliver a transparent and efficient process. Contact us for help with REACT SEO issues, along with any other organic search optimisation queries.

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We're currently working with to optimise their REACT framework so that it is fully optimised for search engines.

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Our SEO with VenueScanner has seen their session traffic grow significantly since starting work with them in November 2017.

Graph showing how venue scanner website sessions have increased since they started work with Illuminate agency in November 2017.

We will fit seamlessly into your business as your own SEO consultancy experts, allowing you to improve your search engine rankings, and in turn, your business' overall performance. Contact us about REACT SEO

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