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Get indexed by Google and keep your dynamic web framework

The challenges of indexing sites built in Angular JS are common in the SEO world. Our team of search engine experts are experienced in overcoming these issues without the need for mass disruption to your site's framework. Working closely with your developers, we can provide quick indexing solutions alongside long term SEO value.

Overcoming Angular SEO issues

With single page frameworks providing a more dynamic style to web applications, SEO indexing is vastly becoming one of the most common issues with sites built in Angular. Contact us for help with Angular SEO issues, along with any other organic search optimisation queries.

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The difference we can make

We were able to increase the number of user sessions and revenue for Senditoo by 781% and 512% respectively within 18 weeks from the initial site optimisations.

Graph showing session and revenue growth for Senditoo after work with Illuminate agency

By using Illuminate as your own SEO consultancy hub, you can improve your search engine rankings, and in turn, your business' overall performance. Contact us about Angular SEO

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