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Boost your traffic by optimising your site for Search Engine discovery

The key to long term success for your brand is making it easy for customers to find your website themselves. If your site is search engine optimised, you can rely on it ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the key terms that characterise your brand. A good SEO strategy means customers looking for what you offer (whether it’s shoes or financial solutions) will find their way to your site themselves.

SEO is especially important for a new brand: established businesses have years of press and online referrals to build up their relevancy score and domain authority (the metrics that services like Google use to decide how to rank search results), but new brands need a strategy in place to give them an advantage.


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Of search engine clicks go to the top 3 listed sites


Of people never scroll past the first page of Google

Illuminate can audit your site to ensure you’ve done everything you can to help users discover it. We’ll also research the keywords that dominate searches in your area and find the ones where you can rank the most highly for the lowest cost, ensuring return on investment. We can also create content for your site to ensure you have relevant landing pages for the most important keywords, and offsite content to boost the relevancy and ranking of those new pages. The first step is an analysis of your site and rankings, from which we’ll develop a bespoke plan that serves your needs and plays to your brand’s strengths.


Our clients

Here are a selection of our clients that we have worked with on SEO support.

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Illuminate Insights

  • Start with data: keyword research is vital. If you don’t know the most important keywords for your niche you can’t build an effective strategy to improve your rankings
  • Look for the hanging fruit: Illuminate has the experience to identify the valuable keywords you can rank for easily to see the most improvement with the least investment
  • Perfect your own website: our on-site audit reveals the improvements you can make to your own site to make it more discoverable for your customers, from redirecting dead pages to effective title tagging
  • Foreground content: getting the right content on your site gives searches something to latch onto. Create landing pages for the keywords you want to capture, and seeding content online to raise your Domain Authority will send those pages to the top of Google’s results and funnel customers your way.


Contact us for SEO insights in to your business today.



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