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Get regular updates on your performance so you know your campaigns are delivering for you

Illuminate is committed to transparency and we assess our success by the return on investment you see on your campaigns. When you work with us you get regular, data-based updates so you know how your campaigns are performing and where you are relative to the targets you’ve set.

Illuminate has a deep analytical knowledge base: our team has backgrounds in mathematics, computing and even criminology – giving us an expertise with understanding data and turning it from numbers into actions.

We offer three tiers of reporting: daily reports, tailored to your campaigns with auto-updating, so you can see how your campaigns are performing day to day and have full transparency on spend; weekly calls to talk through stats from the previous seven days, answering questions and suggesting changes; and finally monthly strategy meetings where we can review learnings from the previous month and see how to apply them to the future.

Illuminate insights

  • Define success: identify and track the most important metrics for your campaigns to ensure they’re delivering where it counts
  • Act on analysis: if you see results, double down; if your campaigns aren’t performing, find out why and make changes
  • Predict: use data to forecast future trends and boost your budget for maximum effect. If you can predict more conversions in the Christmas shopping season, boost your budgets in December to get those ads in front of more people and see more revenue in return!


Clients like Ocado, The Specialist Works, Bremont and White.Net have benefited from using Illuminate’s insights to understand and drive engagement with their websites and with their advertising, making sure they can communicate who they are and what they are offer in the most effective possible way.




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