Native Advertising

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is an innovative new format that Illuminate has put itself at the forefront of with our unique Geode platform. Native Advertising is often considered as the evolution of the traditional Display Banner format, and can be most easily described as adverts that don’t look like adverts as you might imagine them. Combining high-quality content and fantastic creative, they look like a native of the website it is placed, blending in with the natural design and feel of the publisher. By conforming to the experience of the sites on which the ads are displayed, native preserves the user-experience without being disruptive whilst being far more engaging to the users, resulting in click-through rates that are up to 10x higher than traditional display campaigns.

Native Advertising still follows the normal rules of the advert: it needs to capture the customer’s interest, keep them reading as you include all the relevant information for your product or service and end with a clear call to action, which will send the customer to your store, website, restaurant or salon.

Examples of Native Advertising you may already be familiar with are Promoted Tweets on Twitter or Promoted Posts on Facebook. They fit the form and style of the host, but they are there to promote a product or service, and have an implicit call to action in the invitation for readers to click through to the social media account or external content. At Illuminate, our speciality is to bring these fantastic ad formats around the entire web and place your brand in front of high-quality users on some of the most influential publications around.

Why Use Native Advertising?

In brief, because it works. Studies have shown that consumers tend to spend up to three times longer engaging with Native content than with a traditional advert, drawing users into the brand stories with the combination of beautiful image formats and descriptive ad copy. As it blends seamlessly with the browsing experience of the website, it’s not susceptible to the trends that traditional advertising is increasingly undermined by: the rise in ad block software, ineffectiveness on mobile platforms and consumers’ frustration with intrusiveness. 68% of web users would want an option to block a website from their search results if they deem it to have too many adverts. Using Native Advertising subverts this tendency and builds your credibility with your customers.

How Can Illuminate Help?

Native Advertising is easy to get wrong: it needs an expert to match the in-house style of the host publication and mix the high-quality content with the fantastic creative side that means Illuminate can achieve ten times click through with the Native Advertising than with traditional banner ads for Jaguar Land Rover, Bremont and many others.

Geode was created in response to major issues we encountered with the traditional display industry, having seen it become a very complex environment for one to navigate. From clients, we heard complaints ranging from agencies charging too much commission to a lack of transparency and unnecessary jargon being used to cover up where their money was being spent.

With Geode, we can buy ad slots across thousands of websites programmatically (automating the buying process through computer algorithms), resulting in faster, cheaper and more targeted campaigns. With billions of impressions out there, our focus is to find the right ones for your brand to drive performance while reducing your media outlay.

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