Consultancy and Analytics

Illuminate is an agency at the forefront of the digital marketing evolution: innovation is written through us at every level. We've even created our own revolutionary marketing platform, Geode, to take full advantage of the digital change in marketing, from offline to online, from explicit adverts to nuanced native advertising and ensure that your campaigns are targeted at the right people to create the greatest impact.

Consultancy and Analytics

We're experts at moulding the user experience to make websites as easy as possible to navigate for a reader, which means you get maximum value from their time on your site. In the minutes they spend browsing your website, we can make sure they see your most persuasive offering so you get to make the best case for their custom.

There is no better agency to help steer your approach to marketing, and make sure you are taking full advantage of up to the minute knowledge and tools. At Illuminate we can use our experience to track what your customers do with their time on your website: why they choose to visit it in the first place, what they while they are they, and explain how their clicks translate into revenue for you. Not only that, we can use SEO techniques to make your site more visible to search engines so more people can find you in the first place.

At Illuminate we will collect comprehensive information about how customers behave on your website and turn that mass of data into reports on KPIs determined by the precise character of your business, and the outcomes you want from your website, be that click throughs to specific pages, sales of particular products or sign ups to a newsletter.

We will create personalised reports, based on the specific needs of your business so you can drill down through the mass of data to find the key information you need to see why people are making the decisions they make with your website, and how to start steering more people into making the decisions you need. As time passes, more information can be plugged into these results, so these results are a resource that continues to add value to your business as it continues to grow.

With that information, we can begin to make recommendations and changes to drive conversion from a simple click on a result in a search engine to the outcome you need to grow your audience, your revenue and your business.

As well as directly consulting with your business, we can provide training and education for your employees so they can carry forward these techniques and build their understanding of what will drive traffic to your websites. We can tailor this to your needs, so we're teaching exactly what you need to know to get the maximum value for your investment.

Clients like Ocado, The Specialist Works, Bremont and White.Net have benefited from using Illuminate's insights to understand and drive engagement with their websites and with their advertising, making sure they can communicate who they are and what they are offer in the most effective possible way.

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