Jul 03, 2019


by: awatts


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Emotions and Marketing: Why Feelings Matter

A recent study by Phrasee has shone a light on an underexplored area of the marketing world: how consumers respond to the ‘emotion’ in advertising.

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It’s received wisdom that advertising that makes consumers feel bad can have a good effect on your bottom line, as they rush to buy a fix for those negative feelings but this new study, involving 400 marketers and 4000 consumers, has cast doubt on this ‘truth’.

68% of those surveyed said they would not buy from brand that invokes negative emotions in their marketing – feelings like anger, inadequacy, sadness and anxiety. That’s to say that if your customers perceive you as trying to make them feel bad, to encourage them to buy your product, more than two thirds of them will make a conscious choice to shop elsewhere.

The same customers were sensitive to the risks of ‘unethical advertising’ – using high pressure sales tactics to encourage people to spend regardless of whether they could afford it. 76% of the surveyed customers agreed they were “turned off” when they saw those high-pressure tactics at work – regardless of whether they were financially vulnerable.

Even if you see emotionally negative, or high-pressure advertising converting browsers into customers, what you’re not seeing is the consumers who walk away and don’t come back. It could be well worth your time to rethink, see how customers respond to your adverts and design campaigns that accentuate the positive instead of relying on the negative.

Ethical marketing that avoids pressuring customers and creating negative emotions can also boost the performance of your marketing teams! 88% of the marketers surveyed said that marketing ethically was important to them, and contributed to their morale. If your message is positive, it makes people proud, and go the extra mile to spread to as many customers as possible.

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