Jun 17, 2019


by: awatts


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All the Stats from the World of Marketing

A recent post on Econsultancy reveals some fascinating stats from the world of marketing. Here’s what we found especially illuminating.

The Power of Social

That social media can be a potent weapon in your marketing armoury shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a recent report quantifies consumer’s attitudes to the social media landscape helpfully.

Direct advertising on social media remains an extremely powerful force, with 63% of consumers clicking on social media adverts, and a full third of them going on to make a purchase. A well targeted ad, with compelling visuals and persuasive copy can generate leads and sales for your brand very effectively. It’s the less bedded in aspects of the social landscape that people are more sceptical of.

A survey has shown that users are overwhelmingly doubtful about information shared on social media: only 8% of the 56,000 people surveyed believed more than three quarters of the information they see shared on social media platforms is reliable. Influencers are even less trusted, with just 8% of users believing information they share is “mostly reliable.

This doesn’t it’s time to abandon influencer marketing, but it does mean it’s less of a broad spectrum solution than simple ads. You need to make sure your brand is right for influencer based marketing, with an audience that values what they say. As ever in marketing, the secret to success and to a good ROI is good targeting.

The Spoken Sector

Voice devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home speaker are continuing to find their space in the digital sales sector. Voice led research has increased 83% year on year among those surveyed, but that growth isn’t quite reflected in sales. Only 17% of respondents are making frequent (monthly or more) purchases via a voice activated device, with the major concerns stopping people spending money on this platform being a lack of security features, and missing product images.

While it doesn’t look like the Amazon Echo is going to be driving sales in the short term, it’s a growing sector, and building voice assisted search and purchase into your strategy could see some big rewards in the medium to long term.

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