Dec 03, 2018


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Black Friday Roundup 2018

In the wake of Black Friday’s retail frenzy, it’s important to look back and see what worked and what didn’t, so you can have an even more successful sale next year.

Today, Illuminate is taking a look at some of the lessons we’ve learned this year and looking ahead to more opportunities in 2019.

It Keeps Growing

The stats from this year’s Black Friday show us that this retail event hasn’t yet reached its peak by any means.

Looking at search queries related to Black Friday, we find a global increase of 60% compared with last year. And that boost isn’t just coming from the home of this discount event: if you remove the US from the equation and focus on the UK you’ll still find a 40% boost in queries.

If you’ve been concerned about investing in your marketing for next year’s Black Friday, then this should reassure you: consumer’s hunger for the event is still growing and if you’re able to match your offer to what the public wants you can still make a lot of sales under the Black Friday banner.

Early Shoppers

One thing that this Black Friday has revealed is how much planning shoppers put into the November-December season. With big events throughout (Christmas is not the only major festival in the winter, and Black Friday is only the most recent addition to a calendar of sales events) shoppers coordinate how they’re going to make the most of what’s on offer.

This year, 60% of Black Friday queries happened on Thursday 22ndNovember, between 10pm and midnight. People were ready and checking for deals in advance of the day itself. This should give you some hints about how your consumers are likely to behave not just around Black Friday next year but other regular sales seasons.

Having ads and offers primed and available 24-48 hours in advance could give you the edge by capturing these early shoppers. With Boxing Day sales anticipated by plenty of consumers it could be worth your while having some ads ready to launch on Christmas Day itself!

Ready for Christmas

Another stat that may surprise you is just how ready UK shoppers intend to be for Christmas, with the majority of people surveyed for a recent report claiming they wanted to have their Christmas shopping wrapped up by the end of November.

Of course, intention doesn’t always translate into reality and this actually gives you more opportunities than you might think: targeting organised shoppers who might be seeking one last gift with ads emphasising your speed of delivery could get you great results as Christmas piles the pressure on perfectionists!

To get the best results you need to the right ads, in the right place, launched at the right time for your customers. To make sure you’ve got the formula right, contact Illuminate for some advice from the experts.