Nov 22, 2018


Categories: eCommerce, Sales, Social

Instagram’s Christmas Gifts for Retailers

The period from Black Friday through to Christmas is one of the most important for year for retail and hospitality businesses and social media is picking up a greater share of these sales as time goes by.

Instagram is making itself more and more attractive as an ecommerce platform by adding some extra features for people using it as a store front in time to catch the swell of business that comes with Black Friday. Your business is only as strong as your ability to get your products in front of customers that want to buy them, and these new tools should help an even greater Insta-audience find your business!

Shopping Collection

Instagram users now have a new tab to save products into for later browsing. Any advertised product a user sees as they browse the app can now be saved with a single tap and browsed later. It doesn’t function as a shopping basket, but it does mean that any tempting product a user doesn’t have time to follow through on can be saved and returned to later.

It also offers a fresh source of analysis, as you can track which of your products are saved and if and when users return to purchase them. More data is always an asset, as it lets you optimise the shopping experience to maximise your number of sales.

Shop Via Video

With becoming increasingly important both in retail and on Instagram, integrating the shopping experience directly into videos is a vital stop forward from the social network. Users can tap the ‘shop now’ icon to view prices and purchases direct from a video with branded products.

Shop Tabs

Business Instagram accounts can now include a dedicated ‘shop’ tab that can show users the products on offer, for a direct storefront experience. This is a great development, that allows you to surface products in social content, and ensure it’s always available for users to browse and purchase, as well as giving those users more chances to discover your wider range.

All these developments give you more options to craft a retail experience that fits your customers and gets you products in front of the people that want them, in a way they find irresistibly tempting! For more help on creating a marketing solution that fits your market precisely, talk to Illuminate today.