Nov 13, 2018


Categories: Sales

Post Purchasing Perfection

With Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season gearing up, retailers across the world are getting ready to tempt new customers in with deals, discounts and innovative adverts. The real mark of success though is in how many of those new customers can be turned into loyal consumers who come back to the brand time and again and recommend it to their friends. A happy customer is your best advert, but creating one is not as simple offering a hefty discount.

Insight firm Narvar have recently published their report into the state of the post-purchase experience in the retail sector, and it’s a revealing document.

Illuminating Statistics

The firm has found that 86% of their respondents favour the post-purchase experience as a key factor in their decision to purchase again. It’s not just the experience leading up to clicking the buy button, but everything that happens afterwards that really makes a difference to your sales in the long term.

In the report, 81% of those surveyed said that receiving updates on the progress of an order – rather than having to call or email to find out what’s happening – makes a big difference to their future purchasing decisions. This includes being informed of delays or problems, so it’s perfectly possible for a customer to prefer an experience where they’ve suffered delays but been told about it transparently to one where the order arrived in the projected time, but with poor communication!

60% of customers said they prefer brands that communicate with them after purchase, but also that they prefer brands that allow them to choose the channel for that communication – this highlights the most important factors for customers: Transparency, Communication and Control.

Hierarchy of Needs

Narvar have organised their insights into a Hierarchy of Needs – a pyramid stacking the post-purchase needs of customers to give you an idea of the changes you need to make if you want to optimise your customers’ buying experience into one that will bring them back to you time and time again.

If your purchasing experience is ready to inspire customers this Christmas, you need to spread the word as far as possible. Talk to the experts at Illuminate about how to turn our insights into your sales today.