Nov 02, 2018


Categories: Sales, Social

Black Friday is Coming, and It’s Time to Get Social

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year – after its inception in America, marking the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the downhill charge toward Christmas, it’s established a firm foothold on this side of the Atlantic as well, doing £1.4 billion of business online in the UK and $7.9 billion in the US.

Getting your message out to customers so you can capture their attention and their revenue on the big day is vitally important. If you can’t reach the right customers with news of your sales, they simply won’t be able to shop with you, and you miss out on one of the biggest opportunities of the year.

You have plenty of options, from PPC ads catching customers at the point of search to banner ads displayed on relevant sites at the right moment for people to be influenced by them. Picking the right spending mix for your ads is important and there’s one vector you mustn’t overlook: Social. Social media is an increasingly powerful shopping tool with nearly 50% of UK consumers converting through social networks.

There are lots of reasons why social media’s assuming this power now: the user base of the most established networks is maturing and growing their disposable income, so native Facebook users now have more money spend in the environment and that’s an important driver of the growth here. There are also the specific features that different social networks bring with them.

Facebook chat functionality allows you to talk directly to your customers, either in person or through simple chat bots. Instagram’s photos allow consumers to preview a product thoroughly and when they feel confident move seamlessly to purchase. Many of the social networks have attained a state of trust among consumers so people feel confident about spending their money with them securely.

The key to harnessing this incredible resource is choosing the right approach for each social network: a good Twitter ad doesn’t translate perfectly to Facebook, and a brand that soars on Instagram might not find its wings on Snapchat. To capitalise on the opportunities Black Friday brings and supercharge your revenue you need social experts, so get in touch with Illuminate today.