Aug 13, 2018


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More New Schema From Google!

Following last week’s news of two new schema from Google, this week we bring you more announcements of fresh ways to bring your content to Google’s SERP.

It’s clear that making search engine results pages engaging and interactive is a big priority for Google at the moment, as this development marks more ways to get browsers interested in your content before they click through.

Called the How To, QA Page and FAQ markups, they allow you to highlight content on your pages that fits the appropriate format and have them pulled through as previews to answer questions from browsers.

This is valuable if you have data structured in this way on your pages already, but it’s also worth your while to create new content that fits the format. It’s engaging for people reading your site, and as a significant chunk of searches are in the form of questions (around ~10%, with more in specific niches) using these markups well could be the key to finding a you a bigger audience. Serving useful information to

If you’re not sure which markups will get you the biggest share of clicks, why not talk to the experts and contact Illuminate today?

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