Jul 21, 2017


Categories: Google, Mobile, Native Advertising

The Future is Mobile

We’ve talked before about Google optimizing its search index for Mobile first results, but that’s not the only way Mobile is going to dominate in the future.

Google’s been reorganising itself around mobile because more users are browsing on mobile devices: more than 50% of web searches were done on mobile in the last year. On top of that, 56% of mobile users access Facebook exclusively through mobile app sign ins. Simply put, the majority of internet use is now done on mobile devices, and finding ways to thread effective advertising through that experience is the keystone to success for any company trying to build its audience.

Native is the thread that can connect the disparate strands of the online browsing experience, from different sign ins to social media apps, mobile browsers and, perhaps most importantly, games and apps.

Games offer lots of different opportunities to get your message in front of users’ eyes, from traditional banner ads, Native formats designed to blend with the experience (this is a natural avenue for ‘discovery’ ads for similar games or apps) to more ‘strong arm’ tactics where players can get premium rewards in exchange for watching an advert.

With Google’s strides in normalising blocking disruptive adverts, it’s likely users’ tolerance to full screen, autoplay adverts will diminish even further. This will narrow the field of effective ads across all of these different kinds of mobile experience to put Native at the top.

Making sure you have a Native strategy for mobile now is important. You can contact Illuminate to discuss how Native can help you.