Jul 18, 2017


Categories: Geode, Google, Native Advertising

Google Goes Native

Google has announced it’s moving directly into the Native Advertising market, as this month it launched Adsense Native ads.

The search engine, which currently makes 88% of its revenue from advertising, is offering three formats of native ads:

  • In-feed, to sit between articles on a site
  • In-article ads are placed between the paragraphs of an article;
  • Matched Content ads are available to qualifying publishers only, and are a way to recommend your content across other sites.

While Google brings big resources to the Native cause, it’s a late arrival to the market in this particular area, and it remains to be seen how quickly Google will be able to catch up to its more experienced competitors here. What this does prove beyond doubt is that Native is a successful ad format: when something can make a juggernaut like Google change direction, you know it’s truly arrived.

This development is very much in line with Google’s aim to improve the web browsing experience for its users, while remaining in charge of that experience. Google is in the final stages of releasing its own adblocker, which will come as a standard part of Google’s Chrome browser. Only adverts matching criteria that Google help to set will be able to be make it through this adblocker on default settings, and Google is now positioning itself to provide those non-disruptive, user friendly and above all Native format adverts.

Geode is of course already experienced in providing high quality, Native adverts that complement users’ browsing experience rather than disrupting. To find out how Geode can work with your business, request a White Paper now.