Feb 23, 2017


Categories: Geode, Native Advertising, Paid Media

Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing

Native Advertising is the newest development in marketing. It’s revolutionary, it’s good for mobile and above all it offers a great return on investment, but it’s not widely understood. Especially, it’s not always clear where to draw the line between between Native Advertising and Content Marketing, and what the best use of each is. Today we’re going to clear away the fog of misunderstanding so you know what Native Advertising is, why it’s good, and how you can make it work for you.

Let’s start from the outside in: What is Content Marketing?

A blog post; a video; a podcast; a white paper – the internet is full of content. Content marketing is creating and using that content to drive customer engagement with your brand. It doesn’t offer a hard sell, like a traditional advert: it adds value for customer. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a useful resource for anyone working in this field, but it also shows that Moz, the company publishing the guide, has expertise in the field, and tacitly invites the reader to look further into their services.

It’s an axiom of fiction that good writing doesn’t tell, it shows. A traditional advert would tell the reader to use Moz’ services. Their guide to SEO shows them what’s on offer and lets them decide to come to the brand.

Content marketing can sit anywhere on the internet: blogs can feature sponsored posts covering your brand; podcasts could cover reviews of your products and services. It may even be useful to start your own podcast that allows you to demonstrate your expertise and bring more traffic to your website.

When to Use Content Marketing

If you’re trying to build trust in your brand, ensuring you produce content with that adds a lot of value for your customers and doesn’t hit them with a ‘hard sell’ at the end is a good way to encourage the public to see you as a trusted voice.

What is Native Advertising?

Traditional display are suffering a serious case of diminishing returns. Increasingly filtered out by adblock software, and where they aren’t, they’re often ignored by users: filtered out by a psychological adblock.

Native Advertising subverts this tendency by blending with the form and style of the website the user is browsing. It doesn’t get filtered out by their mental adblock because it seamlessly fits into the content stream they’re already browsing.

It resembles a traditional advert more closely than Content Marketing: it will include a clear call to action, inspiring customers to visit your site, or buy your product, but it’s presented as part of the browsing experience, achieving up to three times the click through rates that traditional ads get.

You can automate your decision making process with tools like our proprietary in-house DSP, Geode, to buy advertising space across all formats, and ensure your Native campaign is targeted to your chosen audience for the maximum impact.

When to Use Native

If you want to capture attention from a new sector of the market, Native is a great way to become more visible quickly. Pairing a Native campaign with a growing Content campaign is great to capture customers and keep them. Think of the Native campaign as the elevator pitch: it captures attention. Following up with strong Content Marketing lets you build trust and loyalty until you have a new group of repeat customers.

If you are interested in learning more about running a Native Advertising campaign, please get in touch and we’ll get one of our experts to give you a call as soon as possible.