What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a direct way of building your audience, which you may have already encountered even if you don't use it yourself yet. When you perform a search in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines, you might notice a banner of adverts at the top of your results page: sponsored results directing you to a business or specifically a product based on what you searched for.

Try searching for 'digital camera' now, and look at the spread of adverts for cameras from different high street and online stores. For each click on one of those adverts, the search engine charges the advertiser a rate based on bid-based system for keywords. This is the essence of the PPC model.

What are the Advantages?

PPC is a very direct tool: if you have a new product or service you want to create buzz for, or an older one you want to promote sales of, sponsored results across the major search engines can drive traffic to you in the immediate term, unlike using SEO techniques, which are more helpful for growing traffic in the mid to long term. PPC can be seen as a tap that can be easily switched on & off, to fill gaps where you may be lacking in other channels, or to capture attention in very competitive marketplace.

PPC can be a very effective tool for driving sales as you know you are marketing to interested customers who are already in a purchase mindset, given that adverts will only appear to them when they have searched for relevant terms. These potential customers will only click if they are drawn to your product meaning you get a good ratio of clicks to sales for your investment.

You can set your own budget. Within your agreement with the search engine, you can set a maximum threshold for clicks so you are not at risk of a runaway success exceeding the budget you've allotted for promotion.

Why Illuminate?

Illuminate can be your experts in this field. While PPC marketing has many advantages, there are equally many pitfalls to avoid and we have the experience to navigate this difficult terrain.

We can use our data and expertise to make sure your ads are tied to the right keywords so they get the maximum exposure to the people most likely to click through and buy, and use all our previous experience of PPC campaigns to make sure you're getting the best rate on each keyword. We know how to write ad copy that converts, and using our testing methods, we'll maximise the number of clicks you get for every penny spent on PPC.

It's easy, even with a campaign this direct to lose a customer in transit: if they follow your link to a page where they can't immediately view and buy the product they wanted, you risk losing that sale. The campaigns Illuminate run for you will be targeted precisely, leading customers from advert to the right part of your website to get a sale.

Illuminate can show you the return on the campaigns we run for you: we are committed to transparency so you can see exactly where your investment goes, and every click and sale it has bought you.

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