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Social media represents an opportunity to build your business, and turn one-time visitors into returning customers. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to engage with customers on the level of individuals, giving the public an idea of the identity behind your company. That identity is something your customers can be loyal to, more so than they can a name or logo. Engaging effectively on social media allows you to be the driving force of your own grassroots marketing campaign.

Paid Social

It's also a very direct means of data gathering, a way for customers to tell you quickly and succinctly what they find important, if you're meeting their needs and if not, how to. You can feed any social media interaction back into your plan for developing your business to make real changes in real time.

Illuminate believes in creating a unique partnership when we work with a business. We're not a black box you put money into to get traffic out in return. When we work with you on a social media campaign we'll get to know your business so the foundation is your identity: the values and personality you wish to communicate and the best means of doing that, down to the platforms you use to engage with customers online.

We can use our experience to track the results of your social media presence, showing how and when customers engage with you, and how to maximise that existing engagement and expand it to new followers, likes, shares and ultimately conversions if that is your goal.

Social media sites are a very rewarding medium to place advertisements on, in part thanks to the rise of mobile devices. People now carry their social media presence with them everywhere, and this is a unique opportunity to target adverts to the specific people who will act on them and click through to your site, wherever they are. Illuminate has the experience and expertise to make sure you are marketing in the correct way to reach the maximum number of these customers.

As with any way of promoting your business, it's important not to run before you can walk, and Illuminate can help you create a strategy for developing your social media presence, making sure each campaign you run is sustainable for you, and appropriate to your level of development.

Our commitment to transparency means we provide high quality feedback, showing you exactly how your social media strategy is working, and where your investment is translating to clicks through to your website, and increased revenue.

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