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The heart of any business is its content: our SEO experts can help direct traffic to your website, we can use our unique marketing platform, Geode, to place adverts to make the maximum impact, our Analysts and Consultants can optimise your website so customers can navigate through it to the relevant sections quickly, but without the content on that website to tell your audience what you offer, and why you are best at it, this is empty effort.


The team at Illuminate creates high quality content specific to your business: not just your needs but your identity and voice. We aim to communicate not just the key information in ways that make an impression and last in the reader's memory but also to convey the identity behind your business. The who as well the what.

Whether it's content for your website, or articles to be dispersed into the wider ecosystem of the internet, Illuminate have the expertise to write the words that will stick with customers and drag them through to the sale you need to make, the page you need them to see, or the service they need to know about.

We'll identify the keywords each piece needs, both to hook the reader, and to tie your content into the algorithm for search engines, bringing that content to as many people as possible. Surveys have found that 79% of readers scan content on the web, rather than reading it word by word, so our content is produced to be web friendly.

Our content can be seeded onto relevant sites and blogs around the web, driving traffic to your site and raising your profile by marketing your brand to the greatest possible effect. We have a strong creative side and we'll put it to work creating stand out content that won't let itself be ignored.

We write with sensitivity for the context where each piece will be hosted, melding your voice with the tone of the publisher, so the reader absorbs all the key information with no interruption to their browsing experience. We'll get to know you and your market, so we're seeding content right into the places your customers spend their time online: where they'll see it, and it'll lead them right back to you.

We'll develop an overall strategy for any content based marketing campaign, making sure every piece, whether it's a page on your website or an article to be placed elsewhere, is a deliberate step in a plan. We won't allow a proliferation of articles that don't serve your purpose or pages and subdirectories on your site that make it harder for customers to navigate and find the core of what you need to tell them.

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